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The most modern interior designer works among a category of people who are professionals passionate about achieving vision that combines both beauty and function. Our space is where we live each day, but it is also something that helps us to define who we are.  Our goal is to help the client find their vision, and then manifest it.

As professional design experts we are really problem solvers in so many ways. We try to really get to the heart of the issue and we can get into the emotional reasons why you're actually looking at redesigning your space. Good interior design will reflect the passions and the personalities of the people who live in that space.

Getting the function, the aesthetic, the quality, everything that's necessary to create the space that someone is looking for into the final result. Interior design is really about life. It truly is.  It's about how we move through space and it's about how we live, how we enjoy things.  Everything we do we are affected by our environment.  So the combination of these abstract ideas, and concrete ways of getting those ideas across. We love watching transformation occur both in the designs and in our clients.



Let’s start with the basics of interior design. There are several principles and some basic rules that need to be followed. To begin, selection of colors must be done according to the themes. And there are basically three styles of balance. Symmetrical balance is where use of similarity creates a balanced setting.  Asymmetrical balance is achieved by using dissimilar objects. And radial balance design reflects at the center.



Which decorating styles suit you.  There are so many styles when decorating.  If you are thinking of decorating any room within the home.  Here are some tips and styles to decorate your home.   The bedroom should be intimates and cozy.  The living room should be inviting and personal.  Adding ornaments is also a good idea.  The kitchen should be light with bright colors.  We can help you learn more on tips and styles for your home decor.  


Our professionals do interior design and interior decorating.  Both commercial and residential.   What would be an example of interior design.  We get calls from clients who are looking to  Build new houses actually design space for the house.  Different types of space planning maybe adding an addition  Consolidating changing the use of a space  from one type of use to another.  It just depends on the client.

Is the commercial end of it just redoing a building, building a building.  Redo the inside of it.  Exactly especially in our community we've got a lots of older buildings and they are being repurposed and reused for different types of manufacturing or different types of businesses.  The interior space needs to be laid out depending on the new use of the building.


What should people ask themselves when they're looking to do something to their house.  Most of the time when people are coming to us to redesign a space it's because their lifestyle has changed.  Perhaps the children are older perhaps the children have moved out of the house and they are just not using the house the way they could be utilizing it.


So in older homes what are we typically faced with.  Well it depends what the client is looking for often times, older homes don't have a master suite.  Whereas newer homes under new construction, that's the first thing that the homeowner wants is a big master suite with a soaking tub a walk in shower.  Walk in closets older homes may have typically had four or five bedrooms. And we might consider taking some of those bedrooms and converting them into the master suite.


When somebody actually hires us to do something like this do we draw up the plans?  i work with them we take a look at the space that's existing.  I measure up the space.  Come up with a floor plan so that they can take a look at it and see if it works for them.  And I'll work with an engineer on structural issues so that we can make sure everything is going to be supported structurally before the builder starts.

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