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Running Paid Search Ads is the quickest way to get immediate traffic to your website, and millions of companies in North America use it continuously to drive traffic and reach potential customers. There are many ways to customize any campaign and if your customers use the internet then a great strategy definitely does exist for your business. The following are the most commonly used mediums with Google Adwords being the most popular. Yahoo/Bing, Facebook and Linkedin are also widely used and can be very effective. Before choosing a direction however, it’s important to understand the differences between them, and which channels will match best with your product or service, and how they differ in the way they attract your target audience. We will guide you by first working to understand your business, and then matching your campaigns up to get the best chances for success.

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"Getting started online has never been easier, and Pay-Per-Click offers tremendous flexibility to customize a campaign to fit your needs perfectly"

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Paid Search Marketing is simple and effective. Your potential customers are using  search engines every day and you can get immediate cost effective exposure with a New PPC campaign.

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Don’t waste time and effort by doing it wrong. We can help you create winning campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and Linkedin. Contact us for pricing and information.

Getting Started with Paid Search

We speak to many companies who have used PPC extensively, and others who are just exploring it for the first time. So if Pay-Per-Click, also sometimes referred to as SEM, is a new concept for you, then the first item on our agenda would be to help guide you with an understanding on how it works, and then how we would develop the best strategy for your specific business objectives and tentative advertising budget you are prepared to invest it.

For starters you should definitely understand the basics. Your customers all use the internet to search for things, and when they browse the internet they normally initiate that search on a common Search Engine site, such as let’s say Google. Then you should definitely be savvy that the Search Engine result pages are divided into two segments – (1) paid and (2) non-paid, or organic results. The Paid results are companies who are ready to pay to get you over to their websites, and who are actively bidding on your possible click at keyword supply & demand determined prices. And then there are the other areas, which list Organic or natural results, where you would require SEO in order to obtain exposure.

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Millions of people, including your customers, are always searching the internet and clicking on both of these types of links. And your target audience is constantly out there looking for what you sell. So if you’re looking for the fastest way to solicit more customers, then we can help you to run a smart and efficient campaign to generate quality leads and help grow your business.

We grew up with the internet and hold more than a decade of experience. If you give us a call, we can get the discussion going and begin to look at your best options. Effective PPC management done right does not come out of a box or from an off-the shelf formula. Developing a successful, well optimized and profitable strategy normally comes from working smart to develop the right formula over time that works for you.

More Advanced PPC Campaigns

If you are a company who advertises regularly with Pay-Per-Click Marketing, whether it’s on Google, Bing, Facebook or other medium, then chances are you’ve experimented with it enough, and learned from your experiences. We consult with companies who have used it for years employing self managed campaigns, and many others who rely on having their strategy professionally managed. We always use search engine marketing best practices to run campaigns, for hundreds of dollars per month, or for tens of thousands of dollars per month. And when the stakes are high and you’re playing big, the need for solid guidance is pinnacle for success. Our staff is highly skilled and capable of wielding your marketing budget with precision.

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There’s lots of work to be done on the road to increasing your email leads, telephone calls and ultimately overall sales. We’ll need to start with extensive research and building a solid campaign before we can start managing your paid search advertising effectively. CALL NOW!

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